Moving day

We’re moving!

Okay, it’s really just me. I’d been thinking about offloading my blog from AreaVoices for a while, and having my blog there flagged as spam and suspended only made the move easier. Oh, yes, spam. I’m still waiting to hear what their explanation is. I am genuinely curious what exactly makes them think that a blog that posts once a day and has never had more than 12 visits a day is a spam factory….

Anyway, I’m taking this as an opportunity to start fresh with the design of this site. The biggest change: I’ve changed the name. Didn’t even notice, did you? As much as I liked the old Wandering Whimsy, it was best suited to the purpose for which it was created: travel. As my recent posts have had nothing to do with traveling whatsoever (unless you count teleporting around a digital map), I figured something more appropriate was, well, appropriate.

So let me formally welcome you to Veil of Shadows….

A couple housekeeping items: If you’ve been keeping up with my latest efforts, you know I’m in the middle of a 20-day World of Warcraft blogging challenge started back in February, 2011, by Saga over at Spellbound (click here to check out the original post). As I write this, I have completed 12 days of the challenge. Today is day 13. I’ll post that entry after this, since I know you’re all dying to read it (haha).

My hope is that I can see access to Wandering Whimsy restored in the next couple days. When that happens I’ll be retrieving my previous challenge posts and uploading them here.

Also may be playing with the appearances here, so if that keeps changing, please bear with me.


~ by Katrina Styx on February 24, 2012.

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